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Open to the Public - The Northwest RI Tea Party usually meets monthly in or near the Village of North Scituate, in the early evening for approximately one and one half hour. We represent Burrillville, Foster, Glocester, Scituate, Smithfield, and N. Smithfield

Typically there are 1-3 speakers drawn from RI Gen'l Assembly, Tea Party, local business, etc. as well as video and audio presentations. Bring a friend. For more details about each month's agenda subscribe here.

“...no man may initiate the use of physical force against others. No man—or group or society or government—has the right to assume the role of a criminal and initiate the use of physical compulsion against any man. Men have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. The ethical principle involved is simple and clear-cut: it is the difference between murder and self-defense. A holdup man seeks to gain a value, wealth, by killing his victim; the victim does not grow richer by killing a holdup man. The principle is: no man may obtain any values from others by resorting to physical force.” Ayn Rand
State Legislative Officials From The NWTP Area

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 48 Brian Newberry
Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 41 Michael Marcello

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 22: Stephen Archambault
Rep 44: Gregory Constantino
Rep 53 Thomas Winfield

N. Smithfield
Sen 17 Edward O'Neill
Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Sen 24 Marc Cote
Rep 48 Brian Newberry

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  Next Meeting:

June 17, 2014
615pm - 745pm
North Scituate Library
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  Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” Named One of 88 “Books That Shaped America”    
  Fifty-Five Years after Publication, Rand’s Novel Recognized by Library of Congress
Press Release from the Ayn Rand Institute
  Don't attribute success to "somebody"    
  President ignores individuals who built America and principles upon which they built it.
Article from the Orange County Register
  Obama And Romney Are Wrong: Outsourcing Is America At Its Best    
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  Two New Articles    
  One-Robin Hoods Don't Smash Shop Windows
Two-Immoral Beyond Redemption
  What are Rights?    
  You Can't Defend Your Rights Unless You Know What Rights Are    
  Unemployment Statistics    
  A picture (or spreadsheet graph) is worth a thousand words. An example of how to use government statistics to disprove government statistics. (Courtesy of our NW Tea Party resident statistician with a black belt in spreadsheet weaponry a.k.a. LeoRI)    
  Bad Words    
  Some words we use that hurt individual rights.    
  America Before The Entitlement State    
  "If Americans could thrive without an entitlement state a century ago, how much easier would it be today, when Americans are so rich that 95 percent of our “poor” own color TVs?"
Article From Forbes
  Activism From Your Couch    
  How to protect individual rights without leaving the comfort of your own home.    
  Recommended Reading    
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Past Meeting
  Meeting Topics in 2013 (Back to home)  
  October - December, 2013 No Data  
  September, 2013 No meeting  
  Aug 21, 2013  

Dexter Liu talked about the importance of recognizing and exposing "government-speak": deceptive, seeming sweet-talk from bureaucrats about their intentions and actions that make it harder for us to understand their motives. He highly recommended arming yourself against against this corruption by listening to the following talk: Clarity in Conceptualization: The Art of Identifying "Package-Deals" - by Peter Schwartz $1.75 mp3 download (more)

Representative Mike Chippendale discussed how important a strong show of moral conviction is to protect your 2nd Amendment (and other Constitutionally protected) rights. He illustrated the power of "citizen indignation" (grounded in your fundamental rights in our Constitution) as the way to preserve and fight for our liberty in the battles ahead.

  July 16, 2013  

We know the warning from our founding fathers: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Justin Katz, who has tracked every bill submitted this legislative session, underscored the urgency to educate yourselves and your friends, family and associates, about the the seriousness of the ideas destroying our freedom. The goal is to rise up by have your voices heard; expose and defeat collectivist ideas.

Among the topics Justin Katz covered were:

  • freedom of speech and of the press
  • your moral right to private property
  • the need for better political leadership

He warned of the scam--of government officials telling you what to do, placating you, slowly "boiling the frog [you] in water" so that you don't notice that you are losing your freedom. Their scam is working: Rhode Islanders are struggling with increasing unemployment. Many are resigning themselves to the status quo while union members are receiving unsustainable pensions, disability insurance is abused, and many bureaucrats are focused on the "drug fix" of growing their own power (e.g., using seeming innocuous "Special Grant Funds"). This is the worst kind of despotism--bureaucrats amassing authority over your life--moving in the direction of making nothing outside their authority (e.g., health care, water, housing, your child's education, "economics," private property). We need to fight for the principles of genuine liberty: the respect for the individual mind, valuing your own life and happiness. Fight to protect what makes America great: the principles that preserve individual rights.

  June, 2013 No meeting  
  May 22, 2013  

Mr. Joe Pires, from the RI Chapter of ACT! For America, sounded the warning alarm at our NWTP meeting. After giving us some background on Sharia Law and its crushing devastating effect on all aspects of life in Islamic countries, Mr. Pires discussed "Creeping Sharia": the insidious ways our own US Constitution is being undermined. Mr. Pires took questions from the audience in a follow-up Q&A. We then watched a short YouTube segment with Brigitte Gabriel.

We highly recommend reading Brigitte Gabriel's books:

  • Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America (link)
  • They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It (link)

And viewing related videos:

  1. Announcing the 2013 ACT! for America National Conference and Legislative Briefing
  2. Welcome to ACT for America:
  3. Seventh Graders Taught Islam A video expose of how radical Islamic fundamentalism is being sneaked into our children’s seventh grade government school curriculums (Watch it here)
  April 24, 2013  

At our April meeting, we were energized by Vic Pichette's interesting visual presentation on well-designed websites. Some questions he addressed:

  • What are the elements that make for a great website?
  • What deadens a website? What makes it boring and unattractive?
  • How can you use a website to reach out to low info or misinformed voters?

One individual designed a website during the meeting.

  March 27, 2013  
  Part One  
Can you believe we watched a GOOD presidential inaugural address?

Well, yes, in a way . . .
What would an inaugural address from a pro-happiness, pro-individual rights, pro-Capitalist President sound like? Bill Whittle gives us such a speech that made me want to stand up and cheer. We watched this video at our March meeting. Enjoy it here and share it with your Facebook/twitter friends.

  Part Two  

The Next Frontier for the Fight for Individual Rights

  Obama was the "king of social media" and used it to win his elections.
Vic Pichette gave us an energizing and mobilizing talk on how to use the power of social media to reach out to low information or misinformed voters (and even to more pro-freedom voters who are dismayed by what their party is doing) with a pro-American, pro-individual rights, pro-happiness message. If you missed this meeting, Vic will be joining us at our next meeting - a hands-on workshop.
  February 27, 2013  

When is "Gun Control" not about Gun Control?

They are not after your guns - they are after your liberty!
This is not about guns or the children. "They have designs on our liberty."
Don't let the Socialists in government fool you.

Dexter Liu, whose family escaped from Communist China to find freedom in our country, gave an fascinating wake-up call to a fully packed room at the N. Scituate Library. He shared his own personal background working in the toy industry and then teaching at RISD.

Dexter spoke of his own passion for defending out 2nd Amendment. He told us the horror story of how his parents escaped Shanghai. They came to the United States because they "believed in the rights of the individual." Rhetoric of "redistribution" and "fair share" and similar propaganda were used to justify the horrors of tyranny. Estimates of more than 68 million people were murdered under Mao Tse Tung's tyrannical rule. Dexter's family never saw anyone on his father's side again.

There is NO firearms problem in America. There is a major "gang" problem. Why are they exploiting a tragedy in a utterly irresponsible way?

Dexter then discussed what actually could be done to go after real criminals in the US, including those who are murdering children in the inner cities. The FBI knows who is doing the killing, why they are doing it, and where they are doing it. Why are they not going after murderers, the Mexican drug lords? Why is Obama's administration and some of our politicians in RI attacking law abiding citizens? Why are they exploiting a tragedy in a utterly irresponsible way? Why is our own government attacking the US Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights? Dexter raised many questions and presented his own research on this topic.

See his research chart which you can click to enlarge. For his written explanation of this chart, contact him.
Also see his two page flyer (page one and two) explaining how to help.

How do we protect ourselves against a government that now wants to strip us of our right to self defense? Do they have designs on our liberty? Dexter was horrified to discover that a fellow parishioner sponsored a bill that accomplishes just that: H5573 (view it here). This bill, which flagrantly violates the 2nd Amendment, could send upstanding Americans to jail and impose stiff fines. How do we protect our 2nd Amendment?

  • Speak up, debunk the misinformation of the anti-gun, anti-freedom Establishment.
  • Call, write and contact your State Representatives and Senators.
  • Write to your local papers.
  • Rally support among family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
  January 22, 2013  

Pizza and Politics:
An upbeat start to the New Year! Welcoming old friends and some new patriots, sharing some ideas for action on the local and state level, watching inspiring videos--and enjoying pizza.


  • We watched a proudly capitalistic talk by the passionate Bill Whittle: What Should Romney Have Said. If you've not seen this, here's the link. Enjoy! And consider sharing it with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors--and on social media.
  • We all shared ideas for action on the local and state level.
  • We watched a short creative video from the Institute for Justice on the Chicago Schnitzel King and more. Any of their short videos are worth the 3 minutes.
  • Ellen gave an update on activism in RI and nationwide, and reviewed the book: Free Market Revolution by Dr. Yaron Brook and Don Watkins (link). This book is a great read for anyone in the Tea Party or center right coalition.

From this book: pp. 7-8
t has been called "THE RANT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD." . . . On February 19, 2009, CNBC's Business News Network editor Rick Santelli blared from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, "The government is promoting bad behavior . . . We're thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party. . . . All you capitalists who want to show up on Lake Michigan, I'm going to start organizing." . . .
. . . The protests continued, peaking on September 12, 2009, when, by some estimates, more than 100,000 Americans marched on Washington, D.C."
What were they protesting? Their signs said it all:

  • Don't spread the wealth; spread my work ethic
  • Free Markets, Not Free Loaders!
  • HONK . . . If I'm paying your mortgage
  • I am not your ATM
  • If Dependence Is Your Idea Of HOPE, You Can Keep The CHANGE
  • If You Think Health Care Is Expensive Now, Wait Until It's Free
  • Liberty Is All the Stimulus We Need
  • Obamanomics: Chains You Can Believe In
  • Stop Punishing Success; Stop Rewarding Failure
  • You Can't Multiply Wealth by Dividing It
  • Your Mortgage Is NOT My Problem
  • The protesters were fed up with Big Government."

From pp. 218-219:
Capitalism works. It creates material prosperity and the freedom to make the most of your life. . . . We must come to understand what capitalism is, why it is practical, and why it is profoundly moral. . . .

We need to fight for economic freedom not on the grounds that it promoted GDP, or the "public interest," or any other collectivist ideal. We need to fight for it on the grounds that your life belongs to you: Each of us has an inalienable right to act on our own judgement, to produce and trade free from force, for the sole purpose of making our own lives as successful and joyous as they can possibly be. We have to be unequivocal in rejecting the notion that we are a means to the ends of others--or that others are a means to our ends. . .

The battle for America's future is an intellectual battle. It requires fighting for the ideas that freedom depends on.

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