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Open to the Public - The Northwest RI Tea Party usually meets monthly in or near the Village of North Scituate, in the early evening for approximately one and one half hour. We represent Burrillville, Foster, Glocester, Scituate, Smithfield, and N. Smithfield

Typically there are 1-3 speakers drawn from RI Gen'l Assembly, Tea Party, local business, etc. as well as video and audio presentations. Bring a friend. For more details about each month's agenda subscribe here.

“...no man may initiate the use of physical force against others. No man—or group or society or government—has the right to assume the role of a criminal and initiate the use of physical compulsion against any man. Men have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. The ethical principle involved is simple and clear-cut: it is the difference between murder and self-defense. A holdup man seeks to gain a value, wealth, by killing his victim; the victim does not grow richer by killing a holdup man. The principle is: no man may obtain any values from others by resorting to physical force.” Ayn Rand
State Legislative Officials From The NWTP Area

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 48 Brian Newberry
Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 41 Michael Marcello

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 22: Stephen Archambault
Rep 44: Gregory Constantino
Rep 53 Thomas Winfield

N. Smithfield
Sen 17 Edward O'Neill
Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Sen 24 Marc Cote
Rep 48 Brian Newberry

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  Next Meeting:

June 17, 2014
615pm - 745pm
North Scituate Library
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  Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” Named One of 88 “Books That Shaped America”    
  Fifty-Five Years after Publication, Rand’s Novel Recognized by Library of Congress
Press Release from the Ayn Rand Institute
  Don't attribute success to "somebody"    
  President ignores individuals who built America and principles upon which they built it.
Article from the Orange County Register
  Obama And Romney Are Wrong: Outsourcing Is America At Its Best    
  Article from Forbes    
  Two New Articles    
  One-Robin Hoods Don't Smash Shop Windows
Two-Immoral Beyond Redemption
  What are Rights?    
  You Can't Defend Your Rights Unless You Know What Rights Are    
  Unemployment Statistics    
  A picture (or spreadsheet graph) is worth a thousand words. An example of how to use government statistics to disprove government statistics. (Courtesy of our NW Tea Party resident statistician with a black belt in spreadsheet weaponry a.k.a. LeoRI)    
  Bad Words    
  Some words we use that hurt individual rights.    
  America Before The Entitlement State    
  "If Americans could thrive without an entitlement state a century ago, how much easier would it be today, when Americans are so rich that 95 percent of our “poor” own color TVs?"
Article From Forbes
  Activism From Your Couch    
  How to protect individual rights without leaving the comfort of your own home.    
  Recommended Reading    
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Press Release from the Ayn Rand Institute

Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” Named
One of 88 “Books That Shaped America”
Fifty-Five Years after Publication,
Rand’s Novel Recognized by Library of Congress


IRVINE, Calif.—Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” has been named one of 88 “Books That Shaped America” by the Library of Congress, placing it among other notable works, including “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Fahrenheit 451.” Rand’s novel, her magnum opus, was published in 1957 and hit the bestseller list that same year. Last year alone, “Atlas Shrugged” sold more than 400,000 copies.

Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, said people may be drawn to the book because of its relevance to the current political and economic culture.

“President Obama’s recent ‘you didn’t build that’ remarks could have been uttered by any of the villains in ‘Atlas Shrugged,’” said Brook. “The parallels that can be drawn between events in the book and today’s culture are becoming more and more pronounced.”

“Atlas Shrugged” is both a mystery and a love story following the decline of a fictional world’s economy and the people who attempt to save it. The novel embodies Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, and examines the role of the mind in man’s existence.

“Many credit Rand for predicting the political events we’re seeing today in America,” said Brook. “While Rand herself said ‘Atlas Shrugged’ was not written as a prediction, more and more people are looking to the book as a way to find answers to their current situations.”

Rand is also known for her earlier novel “The Fountainhead,” which tells the story of a rugged individualist, struggling architect Howard Roark, who is unwilling to compromise his principles. She also authored two other novels and nine nonfiction books, plus ten posthumous works.

# # #

The Ayn Rand Institute is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. For more information on Objectivism and Ayn Rand, visit www.aynrand.org

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