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Open to the Public - The Northwest RI Tea Party usually meets monthly in or near the Village of North Scituate, in the early evening for approximately one and one half hour. We represent Burrillville, Foster, Glocester, Scituate, Smithfield, and N. Smithfield

Typically there are 1-3 speakers drawn from RI Gen'l Assembly, Tea Party, local business, etc. as well as video and audio presentations. Bring a friend. For more details about each month's agenda subscribe here.

“...no man may initiate the use of physical force against others. No man—or group or society or government—has the right to assume the role of a criminal and initiate the use of physical compulsion against any man. Men have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. The ethical principle involved is simple and clear-cut: it is the difference between murder and self-defense. A holdup man seeks to gain a value, wealth, by killing his victim; the victim does not grow richer by killing a holdup man. The principle is: no man may obtain any values from others by resorting to physical force.” Ayn Rand
State Legislative Officials From The NWTP Area

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 48 Brian Newberry
Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale

Sen 21 Nicholas Kettle
Rep 41 Michael Marcello

Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Rep 40 Michael Chippendale Rep 47 Cale Keable

Sen 22: Stephen Archambault
Rep 44: Gregory Constantino
Rep 53 Thomas Winfield

N. Smithfield
Sen 17 Edward O'Neill
Sen 23 Paul Fogarty
Sen 24 Marc Cote
Rep 48 Brian Newberry

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  Next Meeting:

June 17, 2014
615pm - 745pm
North Scituate Library
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  Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” Named One of 88 “Books That Shaped America”    
  Fifty-Five Years after Publication, Rand’s Novel Recognized by Library of Congress
Press Release from the Ayn Rand Institute
  Don't attribute success to "somebody"    
  President ignores individuals who built America and principles upon which they built it.
Article from the Orange County Register
  Obama And Romney Are Wrong: Outsourcing Is America At Its Best    
  Article from Forbes    
  Two New Articles    
  One-Robin Hoods Don't Smash Shop Windows
Two-Immoral Beyond Redemption
  What are Rights?    
  You Can't Defend Your Rights Unless You Know What Rights Are    
  Unemployment Statistics    
  A picture (or spreadsheet graph) is worth a thousand words. An example of how to use government statistics to disprove government statistics. (Courtesy of our NW Tea Party resident statistician with a black belt in spreadsheet weaponry a.k.a. LeoRI)    
  Bad Words    
  Some words we use that hurt individual rights.    
  America Before The Entitlement State    
  "If Americans could thrive without an entitlement state a century ago, how much easier would it be today, when Americans are so rich that 95 percent of our “poor” own color TVs?"
Article From Forbes
  Activism From Your Couch    
  How to protect individual rights without leaving the comfort of your own home.    
  Recommended Reading    
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  The Opponents Of Obamacare Are Completely Missing The Point  
Contrary to the conservatives' dreams, there's no way that problems with the government's website is going to sink ObamaCare. A year from now, no one will remember it. No merely practical difficulties can stop a program that people think is morally required. (more)
  Senator Lee Not All Tea Party Candidates are Your Friend  
. . . focusing on the Democrats’ failures will not lead the Republicans to success. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) understands this, and he is busy trying to articulate the Republican vision for America. Unfortunately, while the senator’s fans may view him as a champion of free enterprise, Lee’s vision isn’t fundamentally different from the president’s. (more)

Let's Call The Democrats' Bluff On Immigration

Cynics say that Democrats want more immigration only because the immigrants will vote Democratic. But are they cynics, or perceptive observers? There’s a simple way to find out, and the Republicans should use it. (more)

No Moral Grounds for Obamacare

Obamacare, like all redistributionist programs, turns morality on its head by holding need as the moral standard. (more)
  "Common Core" Brainwashing vs. Reading/Writing/Arithmetic  
Common Core lessons blasted for sneaking politics into elementary classrooms:
It's exactly what critics of the Common Core school curriculum warned about: Partisan political statements masquerading as English lessons finding their way into elementary school classrooms. (more)
  The ugly truth about . . .
"Sustainable Development"
How your elected officials might be misled about property rights. (YouTube Video)
  Give Back? Yes, It's Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%  
It’s time to gore another collectivist sacred cow. This time it’s the popular idea that the successful are obliged to “give back to the community.” That oft-heard claim assumes that . . . (more)
    Medical Marijuana Opposition Is Support Of Socialized Medicine  
As a third year medical student, I spent several months in an English hospital outside of London. One anecdote is vividly stuck in my mind. (more)
    Seventh Graders Taught Islam  
A video expose of how radical Islamic fundamentalism is being sneaked into our children’s seventh grade government school curriculums (more)
    Unshackle The Job Creators  
As the jobless rate threatens to invade double-digit territory, people are understandably demanding answers to urgent questions: What's the cure? What will it take to generate more jobs for Americans? (more)
    Robin Hoods Don't Smash Shop Windows  
It's hard to make anger and hate into virtues, no matter how much the left likes to vaunt its superior morals.
    Personal Responsibility and Healthcare  
We cannot assume personal responsibility for our medical care by abdicating the freedom to make our own decisions about it. We must reject the demands of those demonstrating in the streets that we surrender our own medical decisions to them. No one has a right to take away our health care choices. (more)
  Special articles posted - see right column "Highlights"  

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